Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Harvey George Matthews

Here he is now six months old and a right boy. He is so good. Bless him.


Hayley and Des in Waggas.
Alexander and Allison in Waggas.

London- Waggamammas

Jack, Ebba, Gabriella and Emily at Waggamammas
Gaby and Ebba on our sofa in our room
Allisona and Brian drinking champagne

London - Fia's 40th at Nova Hotel City and Indian Restaurant

Fia, John, Brian and Lynda seated. Eating birthday cake in hotel.

Fia and Alexander

Tabitha's first visit to Nanny and Grandad at Kay's

Look at Brian showing off with his hat. But what about Tabitha, isn't she like Damien? Yes?
They came round to see us about six hours after we landed and had a siesta. Allison followed and we had a nice time. I want to squeeze Tabitha right now and haven't seen her for a month. Ugh.

Chinatown - Singapore

In China town where we ate ice-cream and went for a ride. We thought it all very clean and loved our time in there but wished we could have stayed longer.


Angie and Brian finishing off fish and chips by the water. Best in the world.

Anchored down by the port. Angie showed us the port door she came through when they all came to Oz. Very strange to think my Aunts were there all those years ago. We had a lovely day and wanted to stay even longer but we went back to Sam's for our last night in Australia.

Back to Perth

Peter and Georgia in Perth, Brian behind tree. For those who don't know these lovely kids, they used to be looked after by Hayley and we have known them since Peter was born, almost anyway. They have all moved to Oz now and we caught up with them.
Samantha and Brian on the way to the water. Click on the picture to get a closer look at them, if you want to...
Us by the water, bit windy, but such a lovely place.


This was the view from our hotel bedroom and it was just out of this world. Brian had to pinch himself to make sure he was there. ha ha.

The other pictures were taken on a boat trip and after eating scallops.
Must come again and stay longer, in Sydney, I mean...

WHOOPS forgot to put these in the blog

We left Val's in good time to stay a night with Geoff and Pauline on the outskirts of Brisbane and this is a spot where we ate icecream and looked around the area. It was nice to see the sea again.

We spent a lovely day and night with them and off to the airport to Sydney on our way back.

In Damien and Becky's garden

Brian cleaning the pool and Emily hiding under the palm tree. It does need cutting back perhaps Brian can do this with Damien's permission.

It does feel strange without Paco jumping in the pool and Isabella plodding around.

Hayley and Emily in Balears restaurant

We had fish and duck, Emily had chicken. The food was lovely and after we went on to Cala Blanca and Calan Bosch.


We are in the port meeting Adrienne and Pedro before going to Balears restaurant for lunch on Sunday 9th December.

It is very warm but a north wind is blowing, taking the warmth away.