Thursday, February 28, 2008

Other rooms for those not visited

Our studio on the second floor of our apartment is our dining area and also on the right - out of sight modern shelves with 9 Murano fish on them, as well as a TV of course. The terrace can be glimpsed from the patio doors.

Kitchen is much the same for 7 years.

There is a study off the kitchen with Brian's desk.

Guest room

Twin beds in here for guests or snorer... could be me!

There is a short hallway to these rooms and the family bathroom now. It all looks so much more roomy.

Carpenter coming today to put doors up on both bedrooms.

Waiting for the new shower door for our downstairs bathroom, we have had our old, small shower basin taken out and a longer one (double!) put in with an overhead shower thingy, like Lynda has.

Also taken down the shower in the family bathroom and now have a hand held spray for washing hair. Looks very nice too.

Our bedroom with patio door leading to terraces

Our bedroom is now at the other end of our old one, if you know what I mean. We have had the room chopped in half (almost) new walls and doors and now have a guest room.

Our figures look great on our chest of drawers, if you click on that picture you will see them in detail.

The three fitted wardrobes are on the left of the photos of the bedroom. It is very cosy and quiet looking and the only bit of colour Sue, is the picture, very magnolia I hear you mutter. Just how I like it!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Emily Beck

Jenny Wintle has sent this photo of John Harvey Beck's wife Emily in her mourning dress after John Harvey died. Isn't she gorgeous. Emily Samuel was Jenny's Great Aunt who only had John Harvey Beck for a short time and no children. We find that Jenny and I have a lot to talk about and she has info on Emily's family I can add into my family research.
This is all done on Genes Reunited of course and what a good place it is to be on. I have people contacting me all the time.