Friday, December 14, 2012


Spent two nights in Winchester, love the place. Visited the Christmas market and went shopping too.  Stayed in The Wessex Hotel where we used to go in the 70's and meet our friends Carrie and Teg (now passed away - both of them) - the place holds many lovely memories for us.

Made the most of the hotel and had breakfast in the room, so cosy with a view of the cathedral.

Gaby and Matt came to see us and Lynda and Ben came to, had a meal - super two days went too fast.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Ebba visits with friends

 Lovely granddaughter Ebba from Sweden visits with friends to do work experience, in a shop in Guildford - Oxfam.

They stayed at Lynda's and had a great time. 

Here they are at a hostel in London getting ready to hit the town.

Amanda and Ebba above

Gaby and Ellie on left


Sorry to have left you briefly but I have been concentrating on my other blog about AD and need to get this somewhat up to date.

We have been out and about, here and there and Christmas is coming and again going away.  With Doreen and Bernard to a mystery break for four nights over Christmas...

HERE we are at an weekend break at Warbrook House, Eversley with Joanne.  There is a murder mystery going on but I was not with it, had some kind of illness and could hardly eat, even though I look OK in the photo.   Jo and Brian loved it and we shall go back again to finish
it off, sort of thing.