Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Great-Grandson Harvey

Cristina sent me these on messenger this morning.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Freddie Sean Kavanagh 20/05/2008

Jack sent me this photo of his little brother from his phone.
Thanks Jack, waiting for more to come. Must admit he, Freddie, looks really comfortable, calm and content.
Congratulations to Hayley, Des, sister Emily and brother Jack.
ps It is whispered Freddie looks like a Tothill!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Second cousin Angela and my 'Great' Aunty Joan

I am sure I am seeing things here, but to me Angela looks very much like Leah, or am I imagining it?
Leah is Allison's daughter and I haven't got a picture of her but I have one of two of my daughters, Lynda and Allison, you can see the similarity.

Dorothy Alice Wray 1914-1971

Found this picture on my cousin's website family album. This was taken 1964 when her father, my grandfather received his M.B.E. outside Buckingham Palace.
She would have been 94 years of age on May 25th. She died of cancer at the age of only 57.
Thanks Angie for adding her.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Grainy pic of us getting married 35 years ago today

Nice one of us. I think.

To the reception

In the car going to the reception. Oh my dark hair, my young skin, his black hair, his young smile. Good memories.

Honeymoon meal at the Hilton London 12/05/1973

Brian was 39 and I was 31. We look so young and aren't I slim? Oh dear.
And to top it all Brian fell down the stairs today and we thought he might have broken a leg or arm. But he hopped right up and plasters and bandages were put on. The funny thing was he had gone up to his office to get a Life Insurance Booklet, I tell you...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hayley at Kent Academy in Miango -Nigeria 1982

Damien found this pic on KA's facebook page. Hayley looks really cute and of course when at that school she did have an American accent. Trying to find some more of her or Damien or even Bev and Jerry OR even Lynda dressed for church...

Damien as Jimmy Saville

Oh my God, doesn't Damien look like me when I was in my thirties, poor old Damien. He is sending me stuff I haven't seen before and does not want this up. Hard luck. xxx

Saturday, May 10, 2008


The first one is the best, but the second one is fine except for the awful music playing, why they couldn't put the 'normal' sounds on I don't know. Watch out for Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. (2nd one)

Another guest coming!

Firstly, have found my cradle for our camera. Left it at Lynda's house packed in another bag... duh!

Alex, our Swedish grandson is coming over to join Matt for the fiesta. He is arriving on 18th June and they should have great fun. I am sure we will too!

I can't believe it has been pouring with rain here for two days and nights and in UK it is hot, hot, hot. Poor tourists running about with plastic macs supplied by hotels and nothing much to do, to do, to do.

We are having our awning updated on Monday, supposedly, this is Spain ... They are putting a permanent top on and it should be great and non-movable from the north wind and we will be able to sit under it in the drizzle too, ha ha. Will post pics as soon as we come back from UK. I am sure we will have lots to upload with two grandsons here.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ann and family

This is the family Curtis from Ovingdean we are exchanging houses with in August and don't they look lovely?
They have chooks so we are hopefully going to look after them and eat their eggs and guess what? They have goats too. Just like in Kingaroy. Great.

No Pictures

No pictures as I have lost my cyber-shot cradle for my camera and that is a nuisance.

Just a month since we last put anything up on this. Since then have been back to UK to see Tabitha and Isabella and also see how Hayley was coming along and I have to say, all is well and baby is now due in about two weeks.

We have had lovely weather here and making the most of the sun by using the terraces before it gets too hot. The tourist season started on the May 1st so now we will be seeing more people, more cars and red skins.

Have had friends to meet up with - June and Dennis over for a couple of weeks, Kay and John over for two weekends, and Maureen leaving to go back to UK.

The hotel at the back of us is almost gone so we have a good view of the sailing boats and ferries coming into Ciutadella even though it is still somewhat dusty from the building site. We don't use the back terrace much nowadays because of that.

We have treated ourselves to a bigger TV and I can now see the balls on the pitch! Waiting for Wimbledon to start and this year, will be able to see them too. Only trouble is you can see wrinkles, blackheads and alls sorts of weird and wonderful things. I am sure I will get fed up with it soon but we are at the moment, stuck on the sofa, watching anything that moves like we did years and years ago when colour started. Oh well, what else to do. Oh yes, my book...

Don't even ask. I have done the awful thing of jumping years ahead and now am filling the gaps, painstaking it is too. A new wi-fi laptop has helped and I sit in bed at night in the small hours, gently tapping away and moving text until it all reads smoothly. At this rate I will be a new writer of seventy if I am not careful (only four more years - ouch). Still having the odd and it is odd too story put up on the internet, must keep my hand in there.

Brian is making notes to go with his old black and white photos from years ago, it will make interesting reading for family.

We have an addition to the family, don't all get excited now, not a dog or a cat, but a grandson Matt is coming over for a while before he starts uni at Bristol. He is coming middle of June and will be here for the St Juan fiesta, so must watch his consumption of gin and lemon during those days. I knew an extra bedroom would draw the family, more coming?????

We are also back for a week to meet the new baby, from June 4th - June 11th.

We are doing an exchange with a family in Ovingdean in August for just over two weeks, looking forward to that very much and will be celebrating Brian's 75th with some of the family that can get there and bring their own tent.

House prices are going down here too at the moment so perhaps we will not draw any customers for ours at this time, but hey, we like it here, having missed nearly two summers being in Brockenhurst and Oz last year. AND we are planning to go back to Australia next year for perhaps August and September if I can find a house-sit to match the dates. Can't wait, the pair of us.