Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am sorry but I cannot upload photos on to the blog at the moment. I have been trying to for some time. I will as soon as possible.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday walk with dogs around Fleet Pond

After the walk, sorry put on wrong order, this new website for photos is really beastly. Help!!!

Anyway this is me and the dogs resting after the walk. Paco taking over from Valentina bless him.

Watching the dogs swim.

Not as warm as Menorca!

By the cattle grazing on Fleet Pond, not on the pond silly, it is the area called Fleet Pond. Duh!

Tabitha enjoying it on Damien's shoulders.

Jazz on Hunts Common

05 September

We were joined by Dennis and June for the Hunts Common Jazz Festival. Very small but good.

Right opposite our house on the orchard. A good day had by all.

Damien and Becky came and also Lynda and Elaine. Tabitha and Isabella enjoyed the face painting.
It is so nice living in this village, very happy.

Tabitha is TWO

Family enjoyed the birthday party - even though it turned cold and we all retreated inside. Jo made the journey from the coast with David. Nice One.

Louise Dan and Joe too.

Look how good Joanne looks. WOW


Tabitha is TWO

David opening a pressie for Tabitha. Lynda in kitchen

Gaby, Emily, Jack, Joe.

This is how it should be cooked!

Tabitha is TWO

Tabitha standing by mummy.

These two are of way back in August having a cream tea in the garden.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jo's home produce for us.

Brian's actual birthday dinner. Louise and Jo Ann join us at Tarr Steps for dinner.

Don't know how this one got in again.

Nice on the the teenagers

Playing card tricks.

Charlie making Lynda laugh!

Freddie making Ben serious!

Girls nattering

Brian's bash

Dan in the distance, top of the table! Next is Ellie, Gabriella, Freddie, Emily and Hayley. Louise with the lovely locks on the right.

Brian likes the Pimms... had three glasses. Des and Carmen.

Three generations of Tothills.

Freddie striding in to the party with Jack and Emily nearby.

Brian's bash

Carmen, Simon carrying Freddie and Emily with him.

Des, Ben, Dan, Jack. Back of Gabriella, Jo Ann and Ellie

Dan, Jack, Gabriella, Jo Ann, Ellie, Brian, Lynda

Lynda, Ellie, Gabriella, Simon - Jo's partner and Jo on the right.

Jo Ann, Dessie, Ben, Dan, Jack, Brian opening cards, Louise on the right.

Tarr Steps

Tarr Steps Farm Hotel, where we stayed for three nights with Valentina for Brian's 76th - ouch.

Lovely couple having a long weekend before baby comes.

Valentina loved this walk over the stream and up into the hill.

On the beach

Pebble beach near to the harbour. Seaton. Devon. We all look a bit cold and tired.

Visit to Simon and Carmen

Sitting room. He is sitting!

Side of house with plants and gardening equipment...

Side of house with veggies growing on the left.

Carmen, Brian, Gypsy and Valentina after a walk. Valentina rolled in sheep shit, did she stink?

Went to see them on the way to Tarr Steps. Stayed over. Simon caught four bream and the landlord or should I say, landlady, cooked them for us - in the pub.

On a beach near to Seaton. Misty day, sea rough, no fishing for Simon. But what the hell, had bangers in the beach cafe.