Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flowers in the garden

AND Jo visiting Damien and children for a Sunday roast. Nice one! Roast Pork with all the trimmings. Tabitha looking pensive.

blowing out the candles

Auntie Lynda looking on as Dessie holds Freddie over his 'ONE'T

Blow and blow. Tabitha looks like she is floating...

More pics of Freddie's party

Peter from Perth looking after Freddie
Nanny Kavanagh holding the smallest one in the house

Perth people retreat. Georgia and Peter leave the party. It was nice seeing them again. Georgia has a lovely aussie accent.

My sister has won 'pass the parcel' - Isabella watching little sister Tabitha.

More of Freddie's bash

Emily and friends
Dessie cooking - loads of food!

'When I was in Menorca...' Brian - Gabriella and Lynda

Boys and their toys

Tabitha eating her cucumber
Freddie looking surprised and waiting for food

Training for Arsenal

Big ball - small boy. One year old today and he has been walking for nearly two months.

Freddie's birthday bash

Lynda and Becky

Damien, Brian, Becky and Tabitha

Freddie opening a present from Kerry
Lovely May afternoon in Hayley and Des's garden.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Family gathering for Sunday Lunch in Jo's garden!

Jo and Billy
Crustina and Neal

Billy and Harvey

Waiting for roast lunch. David there too. Jo's flat is the top one on the left. This is her garden.

Shoreham on Sea

Jo's flat in Shoreham-on-Sea. Lots of flowers. Nice fluffy sweater...

2 Hunts Cottages

Louise and Brian in our doorway, she took us to Ascot racing, in the posh bit. She won nearly a hundred pounds on a reverse forcast for £2..

Lynda and Brian on our picnic set... Hayley and Freddie on the bean bag.

Allison with flowers growing out of her head.

Nice picture of Carrie's bureau, Lindsay's painting and our pressie from Adrienne and Pedro (the other painting),

It seems like years since we left Menorca now. Only just under a month. Still no sofas, just a bean bag seat = comfy too. Mind you we ordered one today, comes on June 2nd.

Brian is sitting out on the patio. The studio is in the background.

The garden is a lot brighter than the one of Brian, it is in full bloom almost now. Roses are budding and the grass has been cut.

In kennels

Judith made a fuss of Valentina and we gave her cuddles and kisses. It is nearly a month now and she is fine. I have received emails from Judith saying Valentina is settled and likes her four runs a day and is quiet. Well - she always is. x

Valentina's last walk around our home

Perhaps she will see the sea here in England. She certainly enjoys her walks by it.... ah.

Last Saturday in Menorca with Carrie, James, Adrienne and Pedro.

Brian was there, honest...

Leaving home, friends sharing tapas

Antonio, Brian, Peggy, Phylis and Warren Sandie, me, Myrna, Seb and Irene