Wednesday, August 6, 2008

June's son, Graeme - wedding

Here is a lovely picture of Graeme and Tuesday on their day. Graeme's parents are our friends from Menorca and of course UK.
They went off to Africa for a honeymoon. This was about a month ago. All back to normal now I suppose!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Half past one and time to go home I reckon

Gaby has had enough I think. Tired, hot, uncomfortable!
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One in the morning and Freddie hasn't woken at all since we started the evening.

A Tired Emily

We'll wake her up, how about going clubbing???Posted by Picasa

Birthday candles

Gaby and Emily. We sang Happy Birthday in English then some locals sang it in Spanish with us.
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Oristano - Gaby's birthday - 14 - where did those years go

Sitting on the roof terrace of the restaurant Oristano, it is about 32 degrees and we are stinking hot as you can see. Nice night. Where are you John and family???

Monday, August 4, 2008

Relaxed in Menorca

What is that tomato sauce doing on the table?

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still at restaurant

OMG look at my arms. Diet soon!

He looks, Freddie, like a Tot to me. But then like Jack too, and hold on like Emily, and then like Des. Oh well. He is luverly isn't he?

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Went to Hotel Madrid for T-bone steaks, very good too. Posted by Picasa

A day by the pool

Gaby floating

Young lady in red

New friends from 'north of the border'.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday breakfast

Very hot morning, Brian will drive Lynda and Gaby over to Prinsotel for a swim, and we will join them later, after a long siesta, can't keep up with it... all that swimming and sitting around in the heat of August.
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Hot and sticky

Think Freddie has had enough and time to walk to the hotel, after all it is 12 midnight, Mummy?
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Good Night by All

Emily and Hayley
Jack, Emily and Des
Freddie looking a bit dubious as to the noise and darkness I reckon. With Gaby and Lynda.
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Street Fiesta

The group
Local couple with a lovely dog.
Me and HayleyPosted by Picasa

Street Fiesta

Jack, Gaby, Emily and Lynda
Happy children/teenagers

Very happy if not slightly tipsty (sangria) Des and Hayley.

We had chosen to go to Fusion for a quiet meal and found out it was the local street fiesta with bouncy castle and a group and dancers too. A bonus!

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