Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Great Grandson Harvey

Here is Harvey, guess where?

We don't see him as much as we would like as he lives in Sussex with Cristina, his mum.
Playing in our garden last year, when it was lovely weather,  with Tabitha and Isabella.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gabriella and Isabella

Taken on our cottage doorstep in June.  Gabriella is Lynda's daughter she is 18 and just started at Winchester Uni. 

Photo  taken by Damien of Isabella and Tabitha.  Also Matt our grandson (Jo Ann's son) and Freddie 4 - Hayley's youngest.

This must have been taken a couple of years ago as Tabitha looks so small.  In Lynda's kitchen with Ebba on the left (John's daughter) Gabriella, Lynda, Becky and Fia (John's wife) with Isabella and Tabitha at Christmas.

Freddie at ours doing his cooking, he loves playing with pastry and makes rather nice jam tarts.

Brian with Valerie in Australia

Some photos of Damien and family

A lovely photo of Damien with his rescue greyhound Lady, they stayed on the Dorset coast last year,
what a lovely walk.  They have now rescued another greyhound.

Rather a nice photo of Damien and Becky, more to come - - -

Damien singing with group at his 40th, yes he is that old - but now another year older as it was taken last year.

Fancy dress party, anyone guess who?

Photo when Damien took us to Airshow at Farnborough, he took loads and they are all good.

My boy :)

Isabella and Tabitha in a hotel in Ireland when Damien went to find his  Irish roots.
Tabitha in our house with me in background on Jubilee day.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Have quite a collection now, seem to be hanging on to it.  Perhaps sell some for Christmas.


this last few days

conditioner in the bath

butter in the cupboard

looking for things, pulling cupboards out, hunting for anything really.

misplacing notes, £20, £10 - hunting for them

turning the heating up to 30

putting the hot water on all the time

collecting anything

warming dishes with hot water from kettle, not from the tap.

warms dog's food in  metal plate in the microwave