Wednesday, March 26, 2008

With a neighbour called June

This is me in next door's garden, perhaps four or so. I have rather a big tummy there, nothing changes.

June went to live in Canada - never heard of her since.

Me and my cat

I think this was taken when I was about five or perhaps younger...? My cat was called


The one on the Right of course.

Thought you might like to see how handsome BCT was when in RAF Singapore.

Going, going, gone! On a DULL DAY

This is how close we are to the Med. You can clearly see Mallorca. How long will this view be with us we wonder?

Perhaps six months - thro summer?

I have been looking at the novel today and edited lots out. I am trying to get back on track to finish it soon before end of April. I need time to do long stints at it and hoping to do that this week and next.

I have a story going up on the internet end of the month and looking forward to seeing that in print. (online of course)

I've just looked at this by clicking on the picture - Brian doesn't look a day over FIFTY FIVE DOES HE?

Kay, John and Lucy their granddaughter

They are here for only six days, staying with us for a few and the rest they will be in Fornells.

Here is Lucy pretending to drink wine at the tapas bar over the road. She is only fourteen after all. Her drink is diet coke!

By the way folks, isn't she like Judith????

With our eggs

Need I say more? Weight? Exercise? Walk the meal off?

Pedro Easter Egg Eyes

They laid a cream egg on our napkins and here is Pedro being silly billy!

Good Friday Lunch

We met up with Adrienne and Pedro and had a fishy lunch of lobster paella in a restaurant.

Adrienne showing her dish before it goes!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Angie

Happy Birthday Angie! It is a bunch of branches and don't they look good. We saw them in a garden on the way home from our walk.

Angie told me, when I phoned her today that it had been really hot in Perth this summer and still very hot in Adelaide. She was happy tucking into roast chicken and it seemed she was only minutes away - not nine hours on a plane.
Look at that blue sky - been like this for most of the first quarter of the year with perhaps a week of tramantana wind and rain. Fingers crossed it stays like this for the rest of the week and weekend - Semana Santa...

Sitting on a wall

This is the view we have while walking back from town, along the harbour. Brian is having a breather and the sun is very hot, although a slight breeze is blowing off the sea.

It is about three minutes from here to home - not far!
You can see the lighthouse on the right. This opening is where the ferry comes from Mallorca and from Barcelona in the summer.
If you click the mouse on the photo it fills the screen, and then you can just see the island of Mallorca on the horizon - see it?

Ciutadella Harbour

Middle of March and there are about three restaurants open in the port. We Were quite tempted to have a plate of shellfish but walked on home.

Palm Sunday

We walked into Ciutadella, being Palm Sunday - thought it would be calm, peaceful but instead of that found a racing track in the main square. I think we stayed long enough to take this picture.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Mothers' day lunch

June and Dennis are here for a week so we went out for 'mothers' day' lunch.

My starter was wonderful, mussels, razor clams, king prawns etc (can't spell the other two) - followed by breast of duck.

Lots of phone calls, thanks very much kids!

Mothers' day in Spain is in May, Fathers' day is this week I think, must check it out!
We are at the water's edge in the Port. The Town Hall is the building towering over us in the main square. Lovely sunny day, as it has been most of this year. Have I said that before???

See more sea

Monday morning and back to work. At least we can't hear what is going on but we can see the dust on the tiles on the patio.

Saturday coffee time

A very nice Saturday morning, one of the little squares in Ciutadella. Taking coffee after shopping for food.

Where we are

This is the plan we were given ten years ago when we put the deposit down for our apartment.

The reasons for showing this is

1) show you the hotel that is being knocked down behind us, the curved building.

2) show our apartment, the roof terrace is in yellow and also there is a small one at the back - which hopefully you will see if you click on the picture.
The top floor of the apartment, not the roof area, is our living room, that has a yellow highlight on too and there is a small terrace as well.

The blue is of course the sea. The castille is not showing on the plan. The right hand side is the opening to Ciutadella harbour.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Russell Hill School - Purley - Surrey

I was a pupil at this boarding school from 1952-1958

This is where I learned to swim... I remember swimming galas there.

The big hall was where we had dances, girls only of course, but I learned to do ballroom dancing. Also concerts and we watched films too.

The other pic is from the domestic science room, but from their hairstyles before my time methinks.

Russell Hill School

This is the school I went to when I was eleven. The dormitory is the same as the one I first slept in when I started. I was terrified.

This school was opened by Warehouseman and Drapers for children having lost their fathers. My mother worked in Bentalls in Kingston and through that she applied for me to go there. I was the only girl to come from divorced parents. All the others only had a mother, most of them lost their fathers during the war.

I must say, while there, I hated it. But on reflection I have a soft spot for the place. I just hated being away from my mum.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

We can see the sea...

We can see the sea and also the ruins of the hotel.

Mind you we had a vista of the sea before, to the left of the hotel, but for the next few months we will be able to watch the ferry come back and forth from Mallorca. It is on its way into the harbour which is a two minute walk from our place.
Another nice sunny day, as most of them have been this year.
Mothers' day tomorrow, June and Dennis are coming out with us for lunch in the port.
Back to my novel - now the building has finished in the apartment. I am doing an edit on the first 30,000 words then will plod on.
Brian won't see much of me for the next two months. Busy, busy. My editor is expecting the finished thing or a synopsis (a full one) of the novel. He will be doing some cooking methinks!
I am expecting to write four hours in the morning and at least another five in the afternoon/evening after a siesta. Watch this space.
If you want to know why there is an American flag on the castille - google - Admiral David Glasgow Farragut or his father Jorge Farragut. Very interesting if you have the time and the inclination.