Saturday, March 1, 2008

We can see the sea...

We can see the sea and also the ruins of the hotel.

Mind you we had a vista of the sea before, to the left of the hotel, but for the next few months we will be able to watch the ferry come back and forth from Mallorca. It is on its way into the harbour which is a two minute walk from our place.
Another nice sunny day, as most of them have been this year.
Mothers' day tomorrow, June and Dennis are coming out with us for lunch in the port.
Back to my novel - now the building has finished in the apartment. I am doing an edit on the first 30,000 words then will plod on.
Brian won't see much of me for the next two months. Busy, busy. My editor is expecting the finished thing or a synopsis (a full one) of the novel. He will be doing some cooking methinks!
I am expecting to write four hours in the morning and at least another five in the afternoon/evening after a siesta. Watch this space.
If you want to know why there is an American flag on the castille - google - Admiral David Glasgow Farragut or his father Jorge Farragut. Very interesting if you have the time and the inclination.