Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We were watching Panarama about Battersea Dogs Home and he suddenly fell in love with the dog on screen which is of course a Staffi, most prob going to be put down.

Agassi is an avid watcher if he hears any dogs or cats. His favourite is Bondi Vet or Bionic Vet.

Watch this space.

Sorry about my plate on the table, we had a TV dinner so I could watch it too, thank you Agie.
Group of people from Odiham. Ruth in the blue jacket and Bill her husband in the white trousers and blue shirt are our near neighbours, Bill being a retired doctor from our practise and Ruth a retired nurse.
Jane with the pale trousers, was one of our first friend in the village. She is married to Graham, we had our first meal out in the village with them, at L'Auberge over 14 months ago, where does the time go. All three ladies work on a Wednesday at the charity shop.

Waiting for cake to come. Super food and lovely garden

Our manager Margaret nearest and Valerie my friend works with me on a Thursday afternoon, she is also one of my writing students.

Gill on the left also works with me on a Thursday and Dee works on a Wednesday.
It was a very hot day and we were lucky as it became very cloudy and winy afterwards. So much food. And wine.


We celebrated 10 years of our charity shop being opened in Penny's garden. We help Odiham Cottage Hospital stay open, it is run by this charity. There are two shops, one in Hartley Wintney and one in Odiham. It is a little old cottage hospital, now used for local people.