Friday, May 15, 2009

2 Hunts Cottages

Louise and Brian in our doorway, she took us to Ascot racing, in the posh bit. She won nearly a hundred pounds on a reverse forcast for £2..

Lynda and Brian on our picnic set... Hayley and Freddie on the bean bag.

Allison with flowers growing out of her head.

Nice picture of Carrie's bureau, Lindsay's painting and our pressie from Adrienne and Pedro (the other painting),

It seems like years since we left Menorca now. Only just under a month. Still no sofas, just a bean bag seat = comfy too. Mind you we ordered one today, comes on June 2nd.

Brian is sitting out on the patio. The studio is in the background.

The garden is a lot brighter than the one of Brian, it is in full bloom almost now. Roses are budding and the grass has been cut.

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