Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Latest stuff from Menorca

We are back and both been very ill with bronchitis since coming back. Brian picked up something in Germany (New Year?) and it has taken the wind out of his sails. And I thought I would miss out but not such luck, since last Saturday, I have come down with it and to make matters worse the builders have been in two weeks with one more week to go.
Seems like the cold turned into bronchitis for both of us and we have taken to bed for most of the day. The builders watch in amazement as I appear from the study (my bed) upstairs and Brian from the larder (his bed) downstairs to go and heat something up or wash in a bathroom that works.
We are having our huge bedroom made into two and at the time of writing, coughing and spluttering - the walls are being plastered and the ceiling has been lowered (we are in the loft). Our downstairs bathroom has a super duper shower in it now and look lovely.

We were really looking forward to our time back here in Menorca but so far, since coming back have hardly been out. We rely on our little shop opposite and eat little. I have lost kilos and Brian the same but don't worry I have made loads of soup and eaten our dumplings bought back from Germany.

We have made no plans yet this year to go anywhere so once we are back to normal and beds bought, curtains put up, dust washed away we will put our heads together and find out where we want to go. We do have a family in Scotland interested in an exchange for three weeks in August but nothing promised yet, I have to see their photos first.

The other plan is to run a workshop here over the summer at weekends for fiction writing. Me being the tutor. We now have room for six adults and it would be good to put a weekend on offer and see if anyone applies. Keep it cheap I say to start. (We would have to sleep in the larder...)

As for the novel - I am afraid until builders, bangs and coughs go I cannot go there at all.

The weather here is super and it is a real shame we can't be out and about, walking into town, eating tapas, but I haven't stepped out for a week and Brian only goes into town if he really needs something.

But after a super year last year we must expect some downs I suppose but looking at my stars today I am told it is all changing tomorrow... So watch this space.

I am told by our friends in Kingaroy - Queensland is under water, not that area but more north. It does seem strange to us after all that water catching but I hope everything is good there.

If we haven't sent birthday cards to friends I am sorry but we will be in contact soon.

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