Sunday, June 22, 2008

The day of the lamb

This is the Sunday before the Fiesta of San Joan de Ciutadella. A year old lamb is kept awake all night in someone's house and the whole town make their way there to see it and drink a pomada.

Of course Brian and I have done it loads of times and we stayed at home and invited friends round for tapas.

In the meanwhile Matt and Alex, after the match!! went into town to see the sheep.

This morning at eight, only Alex was in. I woke him and asked where Matt was and he muttered, 'in town still, I was tired'. Later when Alex got up and Matt was in bed, Alex told me they had met a gang of folk from Barcelona and did the clubs with them. How Alex found his way home I dread to think. He looks for the 'red house' along the Port and then turns left. And most important of all, he managed to undo the front door. Good lad.

1pm and Alex has just had a back rub of suncream and off to the beach while the night-owl sleeps it off.
Hard work tonight. T-bone steak at Hotel Madrid and then Spain in Footie. After that the nut throwing in town and another clubbing night till the early hours no doubt.

Back to earlier - Brian and I got ready and just before we left Matt came rushing in to grab a camera. I asked him how he was getting on and all he said was 'Manic' and left again.

Adrienne invited us to breakfast in the Town Hall's garden overlooking the Port.

Firstly though, at nine in the morning the first sounds of flute and drum are played by the herald and afterwards, in stict order the Committee summons everyone to the Town Hall. The picture of the sheep, if you look carefully you will see the carrier. He now walks round the city all day visiting the houses of the Caixers (horseman etc)

We had a lovely breakfast of pastries and cakes, gin and wine. The lady in the white dress is the Head of the Balearic Government, the speaker I believe. I have seen her many times on televison on the 'Noticias' The News. She posed esp for us.
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