Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For Matt - Tonnbrod

"Tunnbröd" (thin bread) is a Swedish flatbread and comes in many variants. It can be soft, or it can be hard and crispy. The dough is made from any combination of wheat, barley and rye. From my point of view, "tunnbröd" looks like Matzoth (Jewish in origin). Flat, perforated crisp crackers of flour and water, baked in large rounds or squares. I am not familiar with this bread, so, I really cannot tell. Perhaps somebody else knows.This website has recipes for "tunnbröd", unfortunately only available in Swedish 4 Homemade "Tunnbröd"Crispy "tunnbröd" differs from "knäckebröd" (crisp bread). It is thinner, more compact and contains less air bubbles.Soft "tunnbröd" is sometimes used as a wrap for other food, not unlike a crêpe or burrito. A popular fast food dish is soft "tunnbröd" rolled around mashed potatoes and a hot dog. A substitute for the soft variant in the U.S. could be a floppy flour tortilla.