Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weather and other stuff

I have never seen so much rain and taking a dog for a walk is not fun, even though she thinks it is. It has rained and rained and in the last six weeks I think we have had six day of sunshine. It is cold and miserable and I have forgotten how it is this time of year. Nasty to put it mildly.

But we go out in a friend's car and look at the sea, the waves crashing over the rocks, go to Lidl, pick up post. And now we have festive occasions to go to as well so it will be quite a change to be here for Christmas, first in about four years.

We will miss everybody but hey there is another in a year and then we will be somewhere else, for Christmas. It isn't that I don't like it here at this time, it feels strange and I have always thought that. Our tree is up and items go walkabout from it and are found in the dog basket. Valentina is getting blood tests in January to make her able to travel abroad. So look-out people we might be visiting your area in the near future. She can go to Germany, Angela, with us on Air Berlin and also Ostersund... UK is a bit more difficult as usual, it always is. US is easy but I have no reason to go there, only to visit Brenda and Ray.

Sandy is coming up to us for Christmas lunch and we will have the normal stuff, what I can find anyway. Boxing Day we are invited to Pedro and Adrienne, looking forward to that.

Lots of invites to parties and other things like that, might go - might not. Now we have our plasma screen, who knows?