Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Evening racing at Windsor

A lively John McCrirck with Hayley. Nice picture. He was very friendly, which was the opposite of an unusualy miserable Frankie Dettorie.

A winner although the horse hasn't won yet. He was last out of the paddock Prince of Johanne and we didn't do it.

Had a nice fish meal. Brian and I had dressed crab, Hayley smoked salmon. You had better ask what Dessie had? From another venue or should I say stall?

Nice horse.

Brian enjoying his crab.
I won on Maslak and Solemn
bringing in just under £30.
Brian had Maslak too and Hayley did Frankie's ride Assabiyya - his run ever in his short life so far and it won. 5/1.

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