Saturday, July 21, 2007


Brian can remember going to Raffles Hotel in Singapore while he was in the RAF during the Fifties. Here he is in the hotel with the bust of the guy who started it all, I think, I am sure he will correct me if wrong! It was hot and humid that day. Too hot to hang around.
We went to an American diner in Raffles, not the garden with tea, not the restaurant with buffet, too expensive.
I was surprised how Singapore is - very clean, very friendly, and so interesting. It was a shame I was tired and too hot to do much. We will come back and stay longer - next year perhaps. There is so much more to see, two days isn't long enough.
Our hotel Miramar was just right, it was beside the river and at night we walked down and sat in a bistro and had tapas... it was very hot and very much alive. Stunning with the lights. The people. We liked it there, by the river, with our wine and prawns - tiger prawns.


Hayley said...

You look alike!

travelbugs said...

It is him. He had it done when he was 18... ha ha.