Saturday, July 21, 2007

The View From The Study

Here I am sitting at my desk while Brian sorts the wood, checking for snakes as he goes... It is a cloudy Sunday and we have been watching Beckham play his first game for LA Galaxy, he came on for only 12 minutes. They lost. Chelsea won.
We are using more wood than we thought, perhaps it is because we stay in and around. Perhaps it is because it is the coldest winter in Queensland since living memory, they say! Anyhow we need more wood and Brian will have to find it - somewhere.
He is wearing a hat Dave brought round last night when he came up for a roast dinner. I think we are supposed to wear them on Tuesday when he takes us to the Bunya Mountains, but it looks like Brian is cold and is wearing it now. We haven't got coats here so will have to wear a layer of fleeced jackets on Tuesday. We have joined the library and look up places of interest to go to. We are still hanging around here for a few more days cos we want to get used to the routine and also feel more at home with the place.
Some of our neighbours have introduced themselves and we give them eggs as we can't eat that many eh! In return we have been given avocados and pumpkins. I have made soup with the pumpkin and very good it is too.


Hayley said...

I like the hat dad!

Angie said...

Looks like what we call a 'beanie', nice & warm.