Saturday, September 15, 2007

Caz and Pol (again)

Doesn't the grass look lovely? No snakes in there!
Pol and Caz are just about to have their weekend bones.
We are moving the goats in the morning, to a fresh paddock for two weeks, then back to the big one at the back of the house.
The wallabies go into next door's paddock and that will make the dogs bark in the early evening. Last time they went in a front paddock they kept me awake barking, so we will see what happens next week.
In front of the house, they are more aware of neighbouring dogs and they talk to each other, but we know that don't we! It just keeps me awake, but then I have six library books to finish and novel to write so perhaps I should get up and get going in the middle of the night.

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