Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pol in the garden with a bone

We brought the dogs down this afternoon for a change, they have been holed up in the paddocks with the goats and the rain for four days.

This is the first time Pol came into the garden, he is very shy and is also a good working dog.

As you can see the grass is green and long even though Brian cut it last week! It rained for four days non-stop and Brian says, after looking in the tanks, they are full to brimming over.

Pol always has a quizzical look about him but he likes my soft voice (!) and is used to me speaking to him. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get him back into the paddock when Brian puts the chooks away, but I opened the gate, he dropped his bone, and went in after Caz.

On average we have five eggs a day. There are five hens. We lost one the first weeks and Brian was most upset about it, a black one, pretty little thing. We don't know why she died but Val was informed.

Most of the eggs we give to neighbours and Gayleen. Then we have pancakes, quiche and try not to eat too many - but there is nothing like a new laid egg from a free range chook, is there?

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