Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She isn't really this dirty, honest.

She looks very sad, but I can assure you she isn't. She likes to sit here and licks the wooden face... takes all sorts. She had had four walks today so far. Now keeps to my legs and doesn't pull and likes the lift too, although she stays like a statue while in it, but don't we all.

Would you believe we have been offered a six month house-sit in Scotland looking after a boxer dog while they try out Spain. Well, fancy that. Good on you Venus, saved us from the snow.

I am getting her checked out this week and seeing if anything is wrong with her. She was maltreated by someone here and left tied up. She has only had one week of freedom. Poor thing. We will see what happens with the vet and go from there. She is 2 -6 years old, who knows? I think she has had puppies in the early summer. She isn't having any more!

By the way, Brian is over the moon, that is why she is called Venus. He can't wait to come back and start walkies... No her name was Tina, hate it. Any other suggestions email me.

ps Sandy said we most prob will call her Vino but me thinks not. She is sitting at my feet watching me do this. I hope she does that when I start writing again manana.

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