Thursday, September 4, 2008

During the War

This is the house Brian stayed in at Herstmonceux, East Sussex while evacuated during the war for a year. He found the house easily even though we had tried ages ago. It was a farm then and still is although smaller.

He went to the Chapel with Doreen and Bernard and found the graves of the couple he stayed with as well as the grave of their daughter, Dorothy, who was three years older than him, seems she died a few years ago. Very nostalgic day.

We went past the house Doreen went to, they didn't stay together - and on the way back home, the next day, Doreen knocked on the door and the same girl was there - aged another 60 years... Hows about that? She made them tea and they shared memories.

He is really concentrating here, oh yes, it was about...??? Oh what was her name? The people in the house where Brian was were very helpful and friendly. We didn't go with Doreen to her house. Shame.

But we did have a rather nice pub lunch in the village. OK it is sunny, but it poured about half an hour later.

A lovely picture of Doreen and Bernard.

An hour break from the rain gave us time to visit the local library and museum, this is the teashop and of course hot chocolate and cake for all.
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