Thursday, October 23, 2008

End of Season

End of season is here, with most bars and cafes on their last legs. Weather has changed, today a north wind is blowing and it is all black clouds with a hint of rain. Time to put the duvets on again but I try to hang on until November...

We are off to lunch at one of our local restaurants where a menu can be had for 8 euros. Then next week they will pull the shutters down until mid April 2009. We seem to have two years in one on Menorca. Peaceful winters and hectic summers with visitors galore. This year we had quite a few to meet up with, entertain and enjoy as well as our new grandson and Tabitha visiting for the first time.

Winter will be good as we have our dog to walk. You wouldn't believe it but I do the morning walk sometimes, I love it esp as the sea is rough and she goes slightly hectic and wants to jump in. I have to hang on there or I would be in too. A few boats from Mallorca are moored near to us as it is too rough to go over at the moment.

I cannot put any photos on unless I get rid of the ones already on my camera. I will have to have some printed off and put into the album, but with the crunch, will have to wait until pension goes into bank, that's if the bank is still open!

We still have ideas of selling this place, it is reduced now, a little bit, to tempt people. If it does go we will rent here until we know where to go next. Also Valentina is not able to travel for six months so we might just stay longer. Or longer and even longer as one of our party is keen to stay on this lovely island, mention no names!

I have added Samantha my third cousin (Beck line) for people to see how creative she is, Sue would be keen to see what she gets up to as Sue is a quilter and creative too. Angie, Sam's mother is into the family tree, she is my second cousin... I think, if you can work out how many times we are removed, we did while we were in Perth last year. Oh yes - this time last year we were with you Sam in your house. It was so nice. Wish we were there now. Mica still makes me smile? Wot? You say.

Sue and Peter are Brits we have known since 1981. We met them in Nigeria, but they were married to different people then... blah blah blah, novel coming up here. They now live in Mackay, Queensland and we didn't get to see them last year, hopefully one day?

Well must get ready to eat. Thanks for reading, see you all next year, not going anywhere else this year and a very quiet Christmas it looks like being. Too bad. Sweden in a year - eh John?