Monday, October 6, 2008

Valentina goes walkies

This is two minutes from where we live and her place first thing in the morning and afternoon.

She likes to look out to sea and also loves being on her long lead to meet people.

I have found out, yesterday, I know the people who owned her the last three and a half years. She is five. She started out as a 'supposed to be working dog' but never started. She used to escape and they were frightened of her being shot. She lived near Cala Morrel.

They gave her to their parents, who had a small holding nearby. They chained her to a metal barrel and there she stayed in winter, summer for three years.

The woman who rescued her used to go to the small holding and she fed her sometimes, only the last six months or so though, as she has just come to the hospital to work from Madrid. She brought her down our way on a day trip, to see if she could find new owners. Well she did.

She is chipped, has her own passport now, previous owners never bothered. She has had one set of jabs. Has put on weight already (hope she isn't pregnant).

The people in the small holding are relative of Irene's Toni. What a coincidence? She wouldn't go there for a family paella as she hated to see Tina like that and had considered taking her herself. Irene couldn't believe I had got hold of her and I am not letting her go now.

Since the last blog - when I asked for suggestions of names for her, Fia phoned with 'Precious' Hayley liked 'Molly' I liked Georgina. Only trouble is she only obeys commands with Tina. So Adrienne said why not call her Valentina, so I have.

She hates cats, mopeds and flies. She loves people, children, sleeping on sofas. She likes to go to the vets, which is a first for us. All our other dogs shivered. She knows they are going to give her a biscuit first before being pulled apart.

Enough of this silly talk. Let's get on with the book.
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