Friday, February 6, 2009

Janet, Sandie and Terry scheduled flight cancelled

emails from Janet at Luton Airport. She has flown form US overnight to get this flight. Brian is supposed to be picking Sandie and Janet up from Mahon... read on :-

Hi 7am here. Found Sandy. We are definitely delayed, but no info yet.We'll call when we know the expected arrival time. They will only give us more information at 8am GMT. Speak later Janet

We think we will be there 11.30. Check the Monarch website. We will phone from the plane. Boarding now.
No boarding!

Half ten next update. Sandy’s sozzled. We are with Terry. I must sleep. V. Tired.

Next update 1030am. They cancelled all other flights. So, we wait for now. Sandy seems ok.

We are not on the cancelled list on that site. Which is good. So far.

Next update 1145 they say. I don’t know what’s worse, the flight delay, my jet lag, or this gaggle of excessively loud screaming wimmin getting tanked waiting for their trip to Tenerife. And I have 30 dB earplugs in.

Flight cancelled‏
Though they still have not made the official announcement. Will keep you advised.

We don't know anything. Nothing has been communicated. It is chaos. No Announcements and no monarch staff to say one word.

No news.We are cancelled. Rescheduled for tomorrow. Same time. Long story over bottle of WHINE?
On Monarch website
Weather disruption at Luton - 06 February
Due to continued adverse weather our call centre is closed from 5pm today
Continuous snow has forced the closure of the runway at Luton Airport.
As a result, the following Monarch flights from Luton on have been cancelled on 06 February -
ZB038/ZB039 - Luton - Mahon - Luton
ZB068/ZB069 - Luton – Gibraltar - Luton
ZB896/ZB897 - Luton - Tenerife - Luton
ZB834/ZB835 – Luton – Alicante – Luton
ZB018/ZB019 – Luton – Malaga – Luton

I do not have any more battery on the spanish mobile (cannot charge noconverter plug Eur>UK) as I should hav been in Spain by now. So look out for news via email ONLY in the morning.

We are in country house hotel. We are all here! It is awesome! Bed beckons.
Look at my room!!!!!!
Christine writing now:- it is 07.38am next morning and so far no news on their website. No planes have taken off even though at least ten should have, no info on website. Bad.

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