Monday, February 2, 2009

Our snowy house

Des, Hayley and children made their way on foot, so they said, to our proposed house. It does look lovely and very snug. Must be late afternoon...
Heard good news today the buyers of ours are buying more items we offered. Great. All going smoothly, touch wood.
My stars read on the radio today said - onwards and upwards to a new start, waited for a long time. Brian's was - as old doors shut, new ones open. Well I tell you, do you believe?


Angie said...

Have I seen this house on TV 'ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY"?!!?? Looks cosy and nice white walls inside.

travelbugs said...

It is just the bit in the middle, one door, one window upstairs (bedroom) and one window downstairs (Sitting room). But I know what you mean Angie. Looks like an escape to me too.