Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where is the time going?

We had a good night out last night. A quiz night in Cala'n Bosch with Adrienne and Pedro. The four of us came bottom.
Questions :- What was the telly tubbies song called. Who did Cilla Black call for the next person to come on down. Who was Noddy's best friend. What do you call bread to dip in eggs. How many years did Sleeping Beauty sleep for - AND WE CAME BOTTOM...

Today we are surrounded with boxes, all empty, waiting for books, pictures and ornaments.

We have sold - as you may have guessed. Our new owners take this on 23rd Feb with us signing in front of the Notario the same day - when money changes hands which happens to be the day before sobrasada day - the day the locals fry local sausages on the beach (weather permitting) and the Brits have pancakes.

We have sold most of the furniture to the buyers but are also having a 'sale' of table top stuff on the 14th Feb in the mornng.

It is strange, very weird to start this new life. BECAUSE Brian and I met on the the day we got the offer and got engaged on 3rd February and made a date to marry on 14th February 1973. But we ended up marrying in May 1973.

We are starting over and are both excited about it and do have regrets about leaving friends here but look forward to making new ones and keeping in touch with old ones in UK. We will be back to visit.

Our 'stuff' will be boxed up and put in the new unit in Mahon until we are ready for it end of June.

Weather here today is grey, dull and cold. We could really do with some nice weather. It was a lot better last year when most of end of Jan was sunny and warm and it continued through.

We have been unable to sit outside coffee shops since before Christmas. It is a shame and so dull, but not so cold as UK and thankfully not so hot as Oz.

From 19th Feb will have no internet access from home so will use the internet cafe when we come into town. I will miss that. But, hold on, I could spend time writing that book I have tucked away somewhere. My laptop will be there, staring at me, asking to be used for writing other than solitaire and other silly things... I must just get on and do it.


Sam said...

Congratulations! So pleased for you.....when I bought my place I had the same sort of date and number coincidences. HOpe things continue to go smoothly. xoxo

travelbugs said...

Thanks Sam, start making plans to visit on our blow up bed...