Monday, June 28, 2010


John and Kay our friends of 35 years were out in Menorca so we caught up with them at their apartment in Fornells. They had let it the next day so we all made a hasty retreat to a rather nice hotel nearby. BUT it wasn't ready for tourists yet. Not clean etc.

We were sent to Cala Galdana and there we were given two apartments looking out to the bay and the pool Very nice too. Spent two night there. Very relaxing.

Kay and John left to go home.

We spent the rest of the week with friends Adrienne and Pedro. In their beautiful annexe. Granny Flat. It was really great. We joined them for meals out and in and in all had a super time with them and their dogs. It was too short and too lovely. We will be back.

It wasn't at all strange being in Menorca. I felt I had moved on, so to speak and went about with my eyes seeing all the lovely places we lived and visited. Bumped into old friends. Left the island witxxxh no regrets. Our home in Hampshire is just right and it is so good to be in the same country as family. Well nearly all of it. John and Fia are in Sweden of course!

The pace of life is relaxing in Menorca and we are lucky to be in a village where it is too. Having no car helps I think. We haven't got to get anywhere quick. If you know what I mean?

We miss our friends though, and will visit often. That is a threat.

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