Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ciutadella de Menorca

It looks like all we did was eat, but  no we slept too.

We are about to eat lobster paella, superb it was too.
Spanish Omelette cooked to perfection - recipe coming for the 'Adrienne Ome'
 Take four medium potatoes, peel and put in a large pan witha little  oil and garlic, cook until tender and all the oil is used up.
 Beat five eggs and pour potato mixture into eggs, stir gently once and carefully tip mixture into omelette pan (hot) and leave for about two minutes, turn over on to a plate and do the same, leave for 2 minutes.
If it this is wrong Adrienne will  soon email me to change it - so keep an eye out.

Rather a large prawn here or is  it crayfish?
Eating at the Bahia overlooking a lovely bay with our friends, could not do better on a September Sunday.

We look healthy, if I say it myself, Menorca agrees with us, but not the heat...

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