Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting up to date

Brian's 79th birthday treat.  A few nights in London at the Waldorf, plus an evening at the theatre, 'Woman in Black' and then on to Paris for three nights.

We met up with a distant cousin called Christine, related from Beck's side way back. She kindly took this picture.

We seem to be having a rather busy summer what with short breaks instead of a longer one. I think Brian prefers this anyway, he loves changes of scenery.

I think I have almost forgotten how to write these things. I have been writing fiction and not blogging...

I can't believe we have been in Hartley Wintney for three and a half years now.  I have just started my fourth year teaching creative writing for U3A - I didn't think I  would last that long but hey the students want to continue so I do too.

I also still work one afternoon a week at our charity shop and one Saturday in four, Brian is enjoying his afternoons too, different from mine though!

Another thing I do is write for the local magazine, I have a piece each month and a deadline to meet.

And one more, I am on the Care Team taking phone calls from older people wanting transport to and from appointments, arranging this for them.

So am I writing the novel. Yes I am.

Next week.

Jubilee Day

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