Monday, October 8, 2007

Dogs and horses

I just love this picture of Caz and Pol sitting while we look at the fence. They have walked with us around the big paddocks and are tired out by the heat of the sun. Every time we stop to look at the fence, they sit down. Don't blame them, I would too, but might sit on a snake or something else.

There are wild dogs the other side of the fence, with pups. We hear them howling at night and want to make sure the fence is working. As it happened it wasn't at this time so Damien came up and helped Brian find the short, think I mentioned that before. Once mended it went quite for a time - then they started howling again so we moved the goats down to just below our house. The grass is greener there too so they should enjoy a good old chomp on that.

The other picture is of Caz coming to the fence for a bone. The horses in the picture ' double click on the pic if you can't see them' belong to Alice and Wade our neighbours on the left of Val's property. An hour after this photo was taken we had a tremendous storm with lots of rain, good. We should have some healthy grass and our tank should be full. Brian will have to push it up to the main tank in the morning...

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