Monday, October 8, 2007

Pauline's 70th birthday surprise

Jeff held a surprise party for Pauline. We all turned up at Bob's to wait for them and it was a surprise. They thought they were going up for supper. We were about 14 and had a great time eating cold meat and salad and the lovely birthday cake.

Pauline blowing out candles.

Wanda and Steve (neighbours down the hill) looking merry.

Bob and Brian in conversation

Jeff and Pauline have now gone back to Brisbane but will meet us off the coach from Kingaroy on the 19th and take us to a seafood restaurant overlooking the sea. After a tour, on to their house and a cuppa - then we go to Brisbane Airport to take a Virgin Blue flight to Sydney where we stay in the Intercontinental Hotel for only one night - overlooking the harbour with a 'bridge view'. We don't arrive until 9pm so we will take a snack in our room and then next day just wander about and have lunch in the hotel before heading off to the airport for our flight to Perth.

OK one day in Sydney might not be enough but we will come back if we like it! We want to see Angie and Samantha in Perth again before leaving Oz so we changed our itinerary - otherwise we would have gone direct to Singapore from Brisbane. Life is hectic, specially after all this lovely time in the country methinks!

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