Sunday, October 14, 2007


We are reaching the end of our stay. It has just gone too fast and we are really sorry to be leaving Queensland and esp Kingaroy and Burtons Road.

We have made many friends here, neighbours and otherwise. Namely Dave who was the first to make friends and take us out and about the area. Pauline and Geoff for their hospitality and friendship most weekends while they were here in Burtons Road. Damien O'Sullivan for helping us with a couple of bad days of confusement over water and electric fences and of course his family - invited us for dinner and lunch with his mum and dad too. Lovely people and I haven't finished yet.

For Bob and Vida who offered to get us logs for the winter, can't imagine it right now as it is in the 30s now. For our afternoon teas at theirs. Wanda and Steve for making us laugh.

Peter Wynn MD who saw us '2 for 1' when I found a spot on my face (nothing at all) and Brian's back pain.

Gaylene and Shane and their family, without them it would have been so different. We got to see how people lived day by day - how they survive with drought - how they make ends meet and how friendly these Aussies really are. They took us into their hearts and they will be missed dearly. I have adopted them as our kids so now we have 12 instead of ten. They are only 43 after all!

Gary and Kathy from Nanango we met on Brian's birthday and caught up with again a month later. Greg who took Brian up for his flight and the onlookers! My wine man who made it easy for a quick turnaround in the drive-in licquer store.

To Angie - because this wouldn't have happened, it was her that made us come, made me go on that plane for 12 hours. For Samantha for being just her, my new cousin and how many years we've missed.

To Elizabeth my helper and advisor on my novel in US - I don't know what I would have done without her guidence.

Last and the most important Valerie Sapin the woman who took us on to look after her beloved home, dogs, cat, goats and chooks. To her we give thanks to help us carry out Brian's dream of visiting Australia. He has done it and ticked it. But, I think he will be back in the 'out of flies' season.

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