Friday, August 17, 2007

Back safe and sound

I did take some photos of them in the sky, but the clouds really blotted them out and it looked like a speck.
Brian loved every minute of his 30 minutes and even asked about lessons which would take the two months we have left and end in a solo flight - NO WAY JOSE - I said.

After all this excitement we drove to The Bell Tower for lunch where we had fish soup and steak and kidney pie. It was better weather then with the sun out, shame it wasn't earlier!

Rain forecast tomorrow and we do need it. The goats are munching on dried old grass and waiting by the gate for us. We might have to buy pellets for them if the dry weather continues.

Thanks for all email, e-cards, cards and parcels sent. Also the chat people. Lots of communication going on today for Brian. Thanks.

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Sam said...

Belated very happy birthday wishes from Perth to Brian! Glad you enjoyed your flight!