Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sausage Sizzler @ Jeff and Pauline's Place

Left to Right - Jeff, Dave, Brian, Blackie (hidden behind bench).

We have been invited to a sausage sizzler evening to watch the full eclipse of the moon.

We can just see the lights from Jeff and Pauline's house from our patio. They are the other side of our road, Burtons Road. They bought the land and put their 'kit house' on it and are hoping to come here permanently from Brisbane where they live most of the time.

They are here for three weeks at the moment and we are making the most of their company. Pauline paints the walls of her sheds and I will take some pictures of these shortly and also the frogs in her loo's system... don't even ask!

The gazebo in the background is where we ate. With the moon fading fast and the frogs croaking - very nice.

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