Friday, August 17, 2007

Fly Me To The Moon

For Brian's birthday presant I bought him a trip in a small plane, so I thought!
But on waking up this morning it was very windy, cloudy, with rain expected. We had no electric this morning for five hours due to people working on the cables so was unable to use my phone to cancel it.
Gayleen came up to clean and she used her mobile and we cancelled it together without Brian noticing. All he knew was he was going somewhere with me, to dress warm, take a camera and sunglasses.
As you can imagine all the time he was asking questions and I relented in the end after Gayleen had left and we decided to go and look at the plane and the airport.
We arrived to see the bus the guy uses as an office the other side of the airport to where we had parked and Brian watched a glider being towed up and said 'You wouldn't get me in one of those' to which I said 'It won't be one of them it will be the other plane towing it'.
We drove around the airport, really small and sweet, to find the blokes timing the glider, we introduced ourselves and waited for Greg - the pilot to come down from the sky above.
We didn't notice where he came from in the end as we were in deep conversation with other people - but Greg suddenly appeared and said 'Brian happy birthday get ready to go up now'.
So I paid the agreed sum and Brian followed Greg to the glider... you should have seen his face. Greg proceeded to explain that Brian would be sitting in the front and taking instruction from him, to which Brian glared at me as I was laughing.
This is the showing the controls picture and I really expected him to back off, but with a bunch of hardy Aussies standing by he got in and up he went.
It had turned out Greg had phoned Gayleen on her mobile and suggested we go to the airport as the weather has improved. Without us knowing, Gayleen said 'I think they might come and look as Chris said she would drive him to see the plane, so you might see them' and of course that is what we did. HE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

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