Thursday, August 23, 2007

First day of bad weather on Tuesday 21st August

Freddie the frog sits in the first real puddle. He was there when I went out the back door to pick up the washing from the line.
This was taken last Tuesday and there has been no let up of wild wind gusts and rain. Good for the grass and the water situation here in SE Queensland. Today is Friday and it is still the same, gusts of 52 kms and temp of 11C. At night it seems to be worse, like the tramantana of Menorca.
The dogs seem to love the wind and rain and are very lively. Max of course stays near to me and sleeps most of the time. Brian goes about his normal jobs and is collecting more firewood, but minding his back this time.
We will be into town in the morning to pick up more provisions and the paper but otherwise it is back to the keyboard for me. I am steaming away now and up to nearly 30,000 words. Thanks to the bad weather.
I don't suppose it will improve much over the weekend, on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast it is much worse - so there will not be many photos coming up unless we go somewhere very interesting and it is inside... I don't think so!


Angie said...

Watch that back, Brian!!! The rain looks like it may continue for a bit over in Queensland.Here in the West we are in for a rainy day tomorrow, then fine.

travelbugs said...

And not only bad weather we had then but on Saturday we had an earthquake...

A plastic bottle fell over in the kitchen and the dogs started barking, that's all I noticed. Brian was having a siesta at the time. It was 3.5 so not many people did feel it.