Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sundowner for Brian's Birthday

Neighbours come up to celebrate Brian's birthday, from left - Jeff, Dave, Pauline and of course Brian.
It seems here - you invite people to your house and they bring their own drink and food. Not heard of in Menorca! Can't quite get my head around it although I do remember in Africa we used to do that, mainly because we all came from different countries and it would be a brilliant mixture of food.
Anyway I provided the birthday cake, sausage rolls, crisps and pate. Pauline brought up a tapa hidden in the basket of small rounds of mini pizza-like bread rolls and they were very tasty.
They also brought Brian a bottle of white wine. He is still receiving emails and messages wishing him a happy birthday and also a phone call from Bernard and Doreen his sister at 6.05am ( I know!) they thought it was mid morning... Phone calls from Lynda, Hayley, Simon and Louise too. Letters, parcels and cards in abundance. Spoiled rotten he was.

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