Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My cousins - mother and daughter.

I have gone back in time to our first two hours in Australia, eating fish and chips by the ocean, if you look closely.
I forgot to put this one on and as I am short of new photos cos of B's back, I thought I would ask a few questions and hopefully you can all answer the post. I don't get many posts sent back actually.
Anyway as I was saying - my cousins - mother and daughter...
Angie (on the right) is my mother's cousin, so what does that make me? Her second cousin? Yes?
Samantha being her daughter is my third cousin? Yes? And are we removed once, twice or three times?
OK Sam, I know you told me once but I have not worked it out yet. What are you to me - a first, second, third. I know my great-grandparents Emma Louisa Beck and William Arthur Beck are your great-grandparents too so that must make us third cousins being three generations ago. Is that right?


Sam said...

Hahaha, I did know at one point and I thought I told you, but now I've forgotten! Wikipedia has all the answers!
Hope Brian's back gets better soon...see you in a few weeks!

travelbugs said...

Looking forward to it, have your bed ready.